Staging TriLevel Home in Centenniel Colorado

The Challenge: Staging TriLevel home to make it look spacious and inviting, even with over-sized furniture.

Two years ago, Josh and Cindy moved from a spacious home in Texas to a modest sized TriLevel in Centenniel, Colorado. They were shocked to see how their large scale furniture (which fit perfectly in Texas) crowded the Colorado home.

And now, a career move means they're moving back to Texas. What to do with these crowded rooms to make their TriLevel more marketable to home buyers?

Living Room Before

Living Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Only one piece of furniture was moved out, the display shelf

  • Sofa was moved to the largest wall, the one you see when entering the room

  • Love seat and side chair were positioned so as to create an inviting conversation area and to minimize the long, narrow proportions of this room. Successfully arranging furniture will make a room seem larger and better proportioned

  • Wall art is hung closer to the sofa and centered over it

  • Coffee table is cleaned of clutter and artfully arranged. See how in decorating a coffee table

  • Greenery adds freshness and softens the edges of the room. See some helpful tips on decorating with greenery

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Clutter was put away

  • Four dining chairs were removed and the rest were positioned to allow easy access around the table

  • The display shelf from the living room replaced the large armoire

  • Table and breakfast bar were set to suggest an inviting meal and to show off the functionality of the space. (More on this in staging a dining room table)

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

What Happened in this Room?

  • Counter tops were cleared of everything but a few well-chosen items. We're staging this kitchen to draw attention to the dramatic countertop

  • Breakfast bar was set with pretty dishes

  • Now you can see the best attributes of this gorgeous kitchen, granite and space!

Girl's Bedroom Before

Girl's Bedroom After

What Happened in this Room?

  • The family was using this room as a playroom, but the home is more marketable if buyers can imagine it as a bedroom

  • Most of the toys were packed up and put away

  • Bed was moved back in

  • Art table was moved to the side of the bed to function as a nightstand/desk

  • Cute lamp on the desk provides accent lighting

The Outcome? Sold!

Staging TriLevel is all about showing off the best features of this home so that buyers can imagine themselves living and entertaining in it. And it worked.

Under contract in under six weeks!

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