The Golden Mean and the 60-30-10 Rule

How do you apply the Golden Mean and the 60-30-10 Rule if you want to put color on your walls?

Using the same principles of gradually progressing from larger areas of a color to smaller areas of accent colors you can create a sensational color scheme in any room, garden, design or display.

In the previous example (Interior Decorating and the Golden Mean), we showed neutral walls. Here's a living room where the walls are a soft green.

Image House Beautiful

Analyzing this Room According to the 60-30-10...Rule

  • The room as a whole
    • Approximately 60% of the room is filled with furniture, windows, plants, both on the floor and extending up the walls toward the ceiling. But there's still enough "empty" space to allow the room to "breathe"
  • Furniture Placement
    • Furniture grouping takes up approximately 60% of the floor space and is pulled away from the walls
  • Color
    • 60% of this room is a pale green
    • 30% of the room is white (bookshelves, ceiling, sofa)
    • 10% of the accents are black
    • 5% of the accents are red and give it a pop of color
  • Accessories
    • Accessories on the coffee table spiral down from tall to small giving your eye a smooth arc of interesting things to look at

Applying these guidelines to your room will help you create a beautiful space. If you're painting your walls to sell your home, it's safer to stay with a neutral wall color. The home staging section of this website has step-by-step instructions on how to get top dollar for you home.

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