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Top Ten Tips Bedroom Staging

Top Ten Tips Bedroom Staging

There is a strategy to staging a bedroom. Even though they all look different, the building blocks are the same. Once you know the pattern, you can stage a beautiful bedroom in any home, on any budget.

Take a minute to look at the following bedrooms and see if you can identify a pattern.

Image House Beautiful

Basic Elements Stagers Use When Staging a Bedroom

  1. Clean! Looks clean, smells clean, feels clean.
  2. All unnecessary items removed (find out what items you should set aside for staging in sorting and packing).
  3. Walls painted a neutral color or a soft shade that coordinates with the rest of the house.
  4. Pretty coordinated bedding, preferably in the same color scheme as the rest of the house.
  5. Art over the bed is very effective. It should be large enough to fill the space and coordinate with the bedding. In some of these photos, a window provides the decoration.
  6. Matching lamps and night stands add symmetry and beauty. They don't have to be identical, but it's most pleasing if the tops of the lamps are the same height.
  7. Play with a simple theme, tell a story with the furnishings. Engage the buyer's imagination.
  8. The bedroom is one place in the house where you can add a family photo, or two. Or, cut one out of a magazine and put it in a pretty frame on the nightstand.
  9. Use your creativity for the nightstands. A small vase of flowers, a book, some greenery... And on the bed, how about a tray with gourmet cookies and two pretty mugs to suggest a moment of relaxation? Just what the harried home buyer craves.
  10. Make the bedroom and bed look so inviting that the buyer would want to jump right in for the best night's sleep!

Inexpensive Bedroom Staging

Two real-life, low budget examples of bedrooms that got the simple staging fix and then the big sale.

Pretty Bedroom Ideas

Once you get the basics of creating a beautiful bedroom, the combinations are endless.

More Easy Inexpensive Bedroom Staging

You don't have to buy all new when staging a bedroom. There are ways to use what you already own and still get an updated look.

Outdated Bedrooms

An outdated bedroom can kill a home sale. The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to buyers and it's critical to make it appear as beautiful and spacious as possible.

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