Vignette Home Staging

Vignette Home Staging
New terms crop up in real estate staging all the time. Some of the latest describe the process of staging a property with less than the full complement of furnishings you'd expect in a fully staged home.

Terms like “light staging,” “bare-bones staging,” “skeleton staging,” and “vignette home staging” have been coined to represent an alternative to “full staging” because in a challenging economy, the market demands it.

  • Sellers may recognize the need to prepare their property for sale but face serious budget constraints

  • A property may be priced with so little margin that even a full price offer will not produce any profit for the seller

  • Room Service Staging maintains that some staging is better than none, provided it is done well and serves the purpose of enhancing the home

I personally reject the terms “bare bones staging” and "skeleton staging” because they are just that…skeletal…and conjure up the mental image of a large room adorned with a piece of art, a silk tree, and not much else! In other words they do absolutely nothing to improve the appearance and marketability of the property.

Vignette staging, on the other hand, refers to the careful selection of minimal, tasteful furnishings and accessories that serve to suggest the function of a specific space and a context within the home. They enhance the home with color, texture, and a sense of presence.

Before Staging

Vignette After

Dining Area Before

Dining Area Vignette After

Living Room Before

Living Room Vignette After

Our goal is to create a buying mentality. Our success is in direct proportion to the degree in which we can encourage a buyer to linger in the home, experiencing each space while envisioning it as his or her own. Vignette Staging creates an invitation to enter each room, thereby imprinting the space in the mind of the prospective buyer. And that is what selling a home is all about.

Courtesy of Virginia Daily of Room Service Staging

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