Virtual Staging in New York City

Virtual Staging in New York City
Selling a property in the current real estate market is difficult, particularly without proper staging. For realtors with vacant, unfurnished properties, it can be even more challenging. Virtual home staging is the newest and most practical solution for modern day real estate agents, sellers and rental property owners.

The Principle of Virtual Home Staging is Simple
The professional stager uses third-party or proprietary photo editing software to take any empty quarter and turn it into something that appears to be fully furnished. And the benefits are endless:

  • Costs one quarter of conventional home staging

  • Permits sellers, agents, and property renters to post their staged properties online, in brochures and on cards for continuous revisiting

  • Allows a variety of setups that are easily manipulated or rearranged

  • Permits deletion of certain furnishings on occupied properties

  • Allows manipulating of the exterior to suggest a more elegant and eye-catching look

Virtually Staged Apartment

Virtual Home Staging is Catching on in New York City
Most real estate companies, especially those in the New York City area have bought into the concept, and are thriving because of it. Investing in home staging in the Manhattan area, Hamptons or Upper Eastside provides a beneficial ROI (return on investment).

Those that choose virtual home staging know the difference; their homes have sold before their conventionally staged competition can even be furnished.

Staging your apartment or home can save you time, money and headaches. But, the services are not free, and as with any sort of investment, it takes a little research to find the best staging professionals.

Design and staging in the New York City area takes time, real estate marketing knowledge and sensibility. Well-known staging professionals with upwards of 800 plus furnishings in their inventory are typically the best. More variety = more settings = more conversion for any real estate agent or seller.

Cost of Virtual Staging in New York City
Services can start as low as 49.00/month, which is very inexpensive, and even more reason to explore virtual home staging.

Courtesy of Elliman Real Estate Company, New York City Rentals

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