What Can I Do with this Room?

What Can I Do with this Room?
Some houses, particularly older ones, have funky rooms or corners that don't seem to have a clearly defined purpose. Helping the buyer imagine the possibilities can help you get the sale.

This cottage, built in 1945, had a large room off the kitchen. It was previously used as a bedroom and contained the laundry in one closet and the water heater in another. Not ideal as a bedroom, because everyone walked through it to get to the backyard.

What was missing? A dining room. Buyers like dining rooms.

Turning this room into a dining room increased the value of the home. And the location was perfect. Right next to the kitchen with a lovely view of the newly landscaped back yard.

Cottage Extra Bedroom Before

Cottage Dining Room After

What Happened?

  • A previous closet was turned into a big walk-in for the adjoining master bedroom. The new wall provides room for a large piece of art

  • Cut Berber carpet is an elegant touch

  • A beautiful new light fixture. Simple and inviting

  • Wall colors are the same as the rest of the cottage (Sherwin Williams Bungalow Beige and Cotton Balls trim)

If You're Struggling with an Odd Space in Your Home

Consider the possibilities and think "outside the walls." Questions to ask yourself:

  • What's missing in this home? A dining room, bedroom, bathroom?

  • What kind of room makes the most sense considering its location? Private areas like bathrooms and bedrooms are best out of the main traffic flow

  • Can I set the stage to help the buyer imagine a craft room, sewing room, art room, media room, pantry, play room...?

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