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White Ice Appliances

White Ice Appliances

Are you ready to give up your stainless steel appliances yet?

Image House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

There was a time when women's fashion dictated hemlines. If your skirt was too long or too short, you were desperately out of style. Dressing outside the box was frowned on because what was really in style, was conformity.

Conformity exerts a lot of pressure on kitchen design as well. In the 80's and 90's, oak cabinets made an owner's heart swell with pride. Now we're ripping them out and painting over them because after awhile, we get tired of everything.

So we tired of Formica and oak. Cabinets got even lighter for a bit, slate back-splashes and counters had a small surge, but what we really fell in love with...was granite. Beautiful, glossy, cool to the touch, luxuriously smooth, and each one as different as a precious stone.

And what looks terrific with granite? Stainless steel. Those hard to clean, smudgy, expensive and absolutely indispensable appliances.

But no trend lasts forever. Not because we want to adopt a new style, necessarily, but because we're adopting a new way of living. A healthier, more energy conscious way of existing on our planet.

And when we change the way we think, we feel an urge to change our surroundings.

Image House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

White Ice Details

  • White Ice has a shiny, almost glassy finish
  • Large glass oven doors are functional and modern
  • Appliance handles and accents are stainless steel

Kitchen of the Year Details

  • Quartz counter tops are gaining over granite
  • Dark wood floors are popular and complement the white
  • Creamy white walls add dimension
  • Lots of mirrored surfaces create excitement
  • Black accents provide contrast and drama

Image House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year

White Ice Appliances

If you're an early adopter, love this look and plan to enjoy your kitchen for awhile, go for it!

If you're planning to sell your home in the next year or so, don't rip out your stainless steel just yet. The masses change slowly.  And as of 2013, most buyers will still expect stainless.

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