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Wireless Trends 2013

Wireless Trends 2013

If you're installing granite countertops because you love granite, go right ahead. But if you're hoping to make a profit on your home and want to be up on the latest technology, take a look at some of the amazing stuff coming our way.

"DuPont plans to embed wireless charging technology into its Corian synthetic granite countertops; gadgets can be charged by simply placing them on the surface. 

"This feature highlights the electromagnetic permeability of Corian, which actual granite doesn’t have. DuPont imagines a world in which kitchen counters, dining room tables, bathroom sink countertops, bedside tables and coffee tables come with an option for wireless charging."

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"The futurist consensus is that someday household surfaces, like kitchen counters and refrigerator doors, will function like giant iPads, with Internet-connected interactive touch displays. No, not built-in displays. Entire surfaces will be usable as interactive computers. 

"It sounds like far-fetched, space-age technology, and expensive, too. And the idea of replacing choice pieces of your home decor with big screens sounds horrible. But in fact, none of that is the case. That's because touch displays don't require a new counter or fridge. It's possible even today to convert any surface into an interactive touch display using projected light and camera sensors."

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